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TCOM™ Custom Control Panels

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TCOM Custom Control Panels

TCOM Custom Control Panels by Orenco Controls™ are cost-effective, digital, integrated telemetry panels that include controls for multiple applications, along with data logging, remote access, and control, all in real time. 

TCOM panels require a dedicated phone line or data line to connect to a computer equipped with TCOM Viewer (TCOM Viewer with optional graphical view) and a modem. When alarm conditions occur, notifications are sent via email. TCOM panels with an ethernet connection or a cell router are web enabled allowing for remote connection using any android or Apple device. Panels can be accessed directly at the site with our Bluetooth wireless connection kit.

Because they provide many of the benefits of costly SCADA systems at a fraction of the cost, TCOM custom control panels are ideal for stand-alone monitoring and control systems. In addition to our full line of standard options, these custom options are available:

  • 1- and 3-phase motor power
  • Seal-failure sensors
  • Over-temperature sensors
  • Over- and under-current sensors
  • Additional alarm lights or alarm circuits
  • Remote alarm indicators
  • Flow meters
  • Wireless connection kit ordered separately
  • Custom logic
  • PLC controllers for TCOM-XL Panels