Ultra-Rib Access Risers
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Ultra Rib Access Risers (RR, RU, RPU) 

Ultra Rib Access Risers are used to provide access to tanks and also as valve enclosures in water and wastewater systems. Bulk quantities are available.

  • PVC construction
  • Concentric rib design
  • Available in 12in, 18in, and 24in nominal diameters (300mm, 450mm, and 600mm DN)
  • Bulk pipe available in 13ft (3.96m) sections for 18in nominal diameter (450mm DN) pipe and in 14ft (4.27m) sections for 24in nominal diameter (600mm DN) pipe


Step 1: Determine the diameter of the riser needed for your application: 

  • Simplex pump systems typically require a minimum 24in diameter access riser. 
  • Duplex pump systems typically require a minimum 30in diameter access riser.
  • Residential Effluent filters typically require a minimum 18in diameter access riser. 

Note: We recommend a 30in diameter riser when the depth is greater than 3ft. 

Step 2: Verify that the riser diameter is compatible with the riser tank adapter and tank hole size. 

Step 3: Determine the height of the riser. The top of the riser should extend a minimum 3in above the finished grade level. 

Note: This includes 2in for settling in new installations. For existing installations, only 1in above grade is necessary. 

Step 4: Determine requirements for splice box and grommet. For grommets used with internal splice boxes, determine the nipple size being used, either 1in or 1-1/4in SB1 through SB4 requires a 1in grommet. SB5 and SB6 require a 1-1/4in grommet. Standard location for internal splice boxes is 6in down. External splice boxes require a 4in grommet 6.25in down. Discharge grommet is 18in down for tall risers (≥ 24in) and 6in up from the bottom for short risers (< 24in).