Universal Flow Inducers (UFI)
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Universal Flow Inducers (UFI)

Universal Flow Inducers manufactured by Orenco are used to house Orenco high-head effluent pumps after treatment or filtration in applications such as pump tanks, disinfection systems, effluent reuse systems, and cisterns. Because the universal flow inducer’s mounting flange is installed on a sliding tee, its length can be adjusted to fit any size tank. Universal flow inducers come with a float bracket, so an Orenco float switch assembly can be easily attached.

  • Accommodates flows up to 65gpm (4.1L/sec)
  • Class 125 PVC inducer housing
  • ABS mounting flange
  • PVC float bracket
  • Fiberglass base
  • 4in nominal diameter (100mm DN)
  • 72in (1829mm) height
  • Adjustable, cut-to-fit design adapts to any tank size
  • Includes float bracket