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Wiring just got a whole lot easier with Orenco's ClickTightTM Wiring Connection System. Quickly and securely connect a control panel, a pump, and up to four float switches -- no need for splice boxes or watertight wire nuts.
Orenco® Splice Boxes are used to house spliced wire connections between an electrical control panel and equipment like effluent pumps and float switches. Internal and external splice boxes are available. Accessories like cord grips and waterproof wire nuts provide watertight clamping of float switch cords and positive electrical connections in splices.
Photo of a ClickTight Wiring Connection System
Wiring Connection System
Photo of an explosion-proof splice box
Explosion-Proof Splice Boxes
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Photo of waterproof wire nuts
Waterproof Wire Nuts
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Photo of an external splice box
External Splice Boxes
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Photo of conduit seal kit
Conduit Seal Kits
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Photo of an internal splice box
Internal Splice Boxes
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Photo of cord grips
Cord Grips
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