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AdvanTex Treatment Systems for Greywater and Reuse

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Water reuse is no long a choice – it's a necessity. Orenco’s AdvanTex® Treatment Systems consistently produce clear effluent that’s suitable for a variety of reuse applications (governed by local regulations) including irrigation, toilet flushing, industrial cooling, and car washing.

Summit Bechtel Reserve, West Virginia, U.S.A.

Planning for sustainability

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) wanted an environmentally friendly method for disposing of the greywater generated by the 336 shower buildings at their showcase camping and training facility, the Summit Bechtel Reserve(SBR) in West Virginia. The chosen technology would need to be energy-efficient and take up as little space as possible. An array of AdvanTex® AX20-RTs – 224 all together – was installed to process the greywater and treat it for reuse in toilets. Two AdvanTex AX-Max™ units provide additional treatment. This greywater system saves the camp up to 200,000 gallons (757 m3) per day during large events like the National Scout Jamboree, a monumental gathering every four years of approximately 40,000 Boy Scouts, leaders, and support staff.

San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden, California

Research and educational facility installs AdvanTex system for treatment, reuse

In addition to its focus on horticulture, education, and research, the San Luis Obispo Botanical Gardenstrongly emphasizes sustainability. So it’s no surprise that the Garden’s education and administration building earned LEED Gold certification. Large windows on south-facing walls let in sunlight for winter heating. Shelving, counters, and cabinets all contain recycled materials. And effluent from the garden’s wastewater treatment facility is used for subsurface drip irrigation. Designed as a training opportunity for Cal Poly engineering students, the treatment facility has a 15,000-gallon (56.8- m3) septic/equalization tank, followed by three types of secondary treatment: a 980-ft2 (91-m2) subsurface wetland, a 500-ft2 (46-m2) sand filter, and an AdvanTex® Treatment System. With by far the smallest footprint, the AdvanTex system consists of two AX20 units – each occupying just 20 ft2 (1.8 m2) – and a 2,000- gallon (7.8-m3) recirculation tank. The system can treat up to 1,600 gpd (6.1 m3/ day), compared to the sand filter’s maximum of 1,250 gpd (4.7 m3/day) and the wetland’s maximum of 1,000 gpd (3.8 m3/day).

Cedar Springs Apartments, La Verne, California

Affordable housing community chooses AdvanTex to meet greywater reuse regulations

For the owners of the Cedar Springs Apartmentsin La Verne, California, sustainable building practices are an important part of an overall development strategy that includes more than forty properties in and around Los Angeles. That’s why they worked with Biohabitats, an ecologically focused design firm, on this new affordable housing community. The firm recommended an AdvanTex AX-Max unit for the job of treating greywater from residents’ bathroom sinks, tubs, and showers. The high-quality effluent is then reused for toilet flushing and drip landscape irrigation. The housing complex consists of 36 one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. Start-up for the property’s AX-Max treatment system was in early 2016, and the unit handles an average daily flow of 2,600 gpd (9.8 m3/day), with a maximum of 5,300 gpd (20.1 m3/day). If the owners ever want to expand the development, another AX-Max can easily be installed to accommodate the increased flows.

Kauri Cliffs Resort, Northland, New Zealand

AdvanTex replaces failing wastewater system, provides water reuse options

An exclusive Relais & Chateâux golf and spa resort on New Zealand’s North Island, Kauri Cliffshad some serious wastewater issues. Its activated-sludge treatment plant was producing low-quality effluent, and unpleasant odors wafted over the chalets. For an award-winning resort, this was a huge problem. Management began looking for a new wastewater treatment system that would minimize odors, provide excellent treatment, and blend into the landscaping. Innoflow Technologies, NZ, worked with resort owners on system design and then installed six AdvanTex AX100 treatment pods. As of August 2014, effluent quality averaged 6 mg/L cBOD5, 3 mg/L TSS, and 1 mg/L NH3-N.* As a further bonus, the resort is able to use the wastewater effluent for drip irrigation.

*Samples collected between 10 September 2010 and 28 August 2014.

The Ecovillage at Currumbin, Queensland, Australia

Award-winning development treats, reuses entire waste stream

One of the most award-winning developments in Australia is the Ecovillage at Currumbinin Queensland. The key features of this 21st-century development are sustainability and a real sense of community. The ecovillage includes 147 home lots, a café, and a large community center with a swimming pool, kitchen, library, and playground. Project developers were especially pleased to receive the Prix d’Excellence (Prize of Excellence) Award from the International Real Estate Federation as the 2008 “World’s Best Environmental Development.” The ecovillage’s wastewater treatment facility is a vital part of its overall sustainability. Six AdvanTex AX100s treat an average daily flow of 15,000 gpd (57 m3/day) – of both blackwater and greywater – and can handle up to 30,000 gpd (114 m3/day). Final effluent quality (after membrane filtration, UV disinfection, and chlorination) has averaged 3.4 mg/L BOD5 and 2.1 mg/L TSS.* This high-quality effluent is reused for toilet flushing, car washing, and laundry, helping residents reach their goal of water self-sufficiency.

*Samples collected and analyzed by a third party between 11 December 2007 and 24 June 2013.

Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort, New South Wales, Australia

Luxury resort installs sustainable AdvanTex system, reuses treated effluent

Emirates Wolgan Valleyis a luxury resort on a 7,000-acre (2,800-ha) conservation reserve in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Designed to minimize its environmental impact on the surrounding wilderness, the resort combines deluxe accommodations with a uniquely Australian bush experience that emphasizes sustainability. After consulting with Innoflow Technologies, an Auckland-based Orenco distributor, the resort chose to install twelve AdvanTex AX100 units to treat wastewater flows that average 26,400 gpd (100 m3/day), with peaks to 34,300 gpd (130 m3/day). This low-maintenance system provides excellent treatment with minimal energy usage. Wastewater passes through primary and secondary treatment, followed by UV disinfection. The high-quality effluent is used to irrigate pastures and gardens.

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Design Considerations for Water Reuse

Wastewater treatment systems designed for reuse applications need to meet permit limits specific to their particular city, county, or state. As water conservation has become a higher priority, more and more jurisdictions are aligning their requirements with NSF/ANSI 350 standards for on-site water reuse.

Orenco’s AdvanTex® Treatment Systems use a multi-pass, packedbed filter technology that’s ideal for handling highly variable flows and is also inherently more stable than suspended-growth activated-sludge systems. A more stable process means greater reliability, lower operation and maintenance requirements, and greater confidence in meeting permit limits.

AdvanTex Treatment Systems consistently produce outstanding effluent that can be reused in a variety of ways, depending on local regulations.