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South Alabama Utilities, U.S.A.

Rural water utility builds customer base with wastewater

In the late 1990’s the managers of a traditional water and gas utility realized they needed to start providing wastewater services to new subdivisions or risk losing customer share to other utilities. South Alabama Utilities(SAU) worked with developers to install more than 60 miles of Orenco® Effluent Sewer lines, which now serve 47 subdivisions and commercial properties and then send their filtered wastewater to about 150 AdvanTex® textile treatment units at 14 different treatment facilities. When the developments are fully built out, SAU’s facilities will have the capacity to handle nearly 4,000 new homes — as well as schools, apartments, and business parks.

Sunset Bay, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Innovative solution reduces nitrate, despite low flows

Developers of Sunset Bay,a slow-build-out, 750-home lakeside subdivision in rugged terrain, needed a modular, build-as-you-go wastewater solution for this community of full- and part-time residents. It needed to meet stringent (20 mg/L) nitrate requirements despite highly variable flows. Connecting to an existing municipal treatment plant was not an option, since the nearest plant was 20 miles (32 km) away and standard septic systems could not be relied on to meet the stringent nitrate requirements. Also, many of the lots were not large enough (or were too close to the reservoir) to use an onsite advanced treatment system. Consulting with experts, the developers chose an innovative effluent sewer system that includes a tank at each lot to collect household wastewater, as well as an advanced treatment unit (an AdvanTex® AX20 or AX20-RT Treatment System) that produces TN of <20 mg/L.

The Crossings, Texas, U.S.A.

Cost-effective wastewater system installed in phases

The Crossings,a modern, master-planned community in the Texas Hill Country, needed a wastewater collection and treatment system that could be installed in phases and would perform as reliably as a large municipal system but without the cost, odor, or need for a full-time operator. Due to their “phase-ability” and affordability, developers at The Crossings chose an Orenco® Sewer™ and an AdvanTex® Municipal Treatment Facility. Both collection and treatment can be installed in phases, dramatically reducing up-front capital costs and offering homeowners a fully sewered community.