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Luxury Development Chooses Orenco Controls

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Silverhorn in Alberta Installs Custom TCOM Wastewater Control Panel


Silverhorn, a luxury housing development outside Calgary, Alberta needed a decentralized sewer system with state-of-the-art telemetry controls. The control panel would have to monitor multiple inputs from a variety of sensors and respond to each by turning pumps on or off based on pre-programmed parameters. It would also monitor the operation of aerator fan motors and a chemical feed system.


The developers of Silverhorn chose an Orenco AdvanTex® Treatment System and custom TCOM control panel, manufactured by Orenco Controls. The TCOM panel provides all of the functionality and versatility the system needs. In addition, it allows an operator to control the system remotely. The panel continuously monitors conditions in the treatment process and alerts an operator immediately via email and/or text if any alarm condition arises. The local visual and audible alarms can be delayed for a chosen amount of time to allow an operator to correct the situation before residents are disturbed.