Screened Pump Vaults (SV)
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Screened Pump Vaults (SV)

Screened Pump Vaults manufactured by Orenco are designed to screen effluent for low-head effluent pumps in single-compartment and two-compartment septic tanks and dose tanks. They include a PVC vault, polyethylene effluent screen, and two support pipes. Screened Pump Vaults are not typically recommended for use with high-head effluent pumps. Contact Orenco for more information.

  • For low-head effluent pumps
  • For use in single-compartment tanks
  • 15in (380mm) vault diameter
  • 48in to 96in vault height, available in 6in increments (1220mm to 2434mm in 150mm increments)
  • Eight inlet holes in vault (inlet height specified by customer)
  • 1/8in (3mm) screen mesh
  • 50% nominal open area in screen mesh

Note: If you are using a high-head effluent pump, we recommend using a Biotube Pump Vault instead of screened pump vaults.