Miraggio Thermal Resort Spa, Greece
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Resort Chooses AdvanTex Wastewater Treatment

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Reliable System Goes Unnoticed by Guests


A new luxury resort was planned for a scenic location just outside the small Greek village of Paliouri. With no municipal sewer available, the investors needed a decentralized wastewater treatment system. The system would have to consistently meet discharge limits, allow for future expansion, and offer low life-cycle costs. Also, it would need to operate with minimal odor or sound, so as to go unnoticed by guests.


Investors chose an AdvanTex® Wastewater Treatment System, along with a six-year service contract from Orenco distributor Dialynas S.A. The AdvanTex system met each of the key project requirements: reliability, expandability, and low operation and maintenance costs. Plus, according to the resort’s maintenance manager, “the system operates 24/7, with no sound or odor.”